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Brian McDermott cookery school

Cookery School

I am very excited to launch Ireland’s first ‘no salt’ cookery school in my hometown of Moville, Inishowen

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Brian McDermott demonstratiions


Why not come along and see one of my demonstrations. Good honest food to cook and enjoy. 

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news & chat

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening on the Irish food scene and support local produce.

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Winter Cookery Classes Now Available

We have some great classes available throughout the rest of this year and into 2015..

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Shop Open

Take a look at our newly launched shop. We have a small range of tableware, chopping boards and of course the new Salt chef recipe book. More to follow!

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latest news & chat

The food scene here continues to grow and we love to chat about it


We will be chatting about all the latest news including our latest offers and initiatives, as well as shouting about some of our favourite food and ingredient artisans. If you register you will be able to get involved with comments and suggestions.

Brian McDermott news and chat

Seven Simple Steps to reduce Salt intake:

  • Try increasing Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash or Carrots for natural sweetness.
  • Tomatoes will give you natural bitterness.
  • Instead of cream add a dollop of low fat Crème Fraiche or Yoghurt to your soups for sourness
  • I love the zest of a lime on certain soups just before serving, you will find the aroma of sour and bitterness again sends strong tastes to the brain distracting the salt craving.
  • Herbs such as a Lemon Thyme, Coriander & Basil all deliver Sweet, Sour and Bitter Flavours in a natural and nutritious way.
  • Break the trend of your office environment by bringing in your sandwich and soup which you have control over. Others will follow and habits of eating over salted lunches will change.
  • Make your own Wheaten Bread and Soup once a week and freeze in portions for easy defrosting and reheat.